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We rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for fundraising donations. Without the assistance of community minded individuals and businesses, we would not be able to support the vulnerable. We are grateful for any fundraising donations you can make.


Doing charitable work is available to all, so don’t be put off by the fact that you are unable to do some of the suggestions on this list. Some of the biggest fundraising drives have been those that take very little effort (the ice bucket challenge is a great example) but are fun and can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability.


HELP The Mental Health Charity are grateful for any fundraising you can do to assist the charity.





There are many reasons that people fundraise for charities, but often, it is to raise money for a charity that has struck a personal chord. Not only do charities benefit from the money that is raised through fundraising, but the fundraiser and donors benefit from the feel-good factor that giving provides.


Fundraising in the workplace can be an easy and effective way of raising funds for a charity. Fundraising is a positive experience that benefits the charity and benefits the fundraisers in the workplace.


The benefits of a business fundraising include:

  • Increases visibility the business in the local community
  • Enhances the businesses reputation and increases brand recognition
  • Provides an opportunity to network and gives exposure to different sectors
  • Enhances the morale of employees and encourages collaboration
  • Donating to charities is tax deductible
  • Improves public relations


Stuck for some inspiration? Here are some tried and trusted fundraising ideas that could help raise money for a cause that you care about.




A few fundraising ideas which maybe of interest:

  • Raffles or Tombola
  • Auction of promises
  • Run a marathon, 10k or smaller run. Sponsored walks are also popular
  • A bicycle challenge or cycling trip you have always wanted to take
  • Challenges that involve swimming are great for all ages and all abilities
  • Coffee mornings and summer fetes
  • Give up something you love – give up something you enjoy for a month in order to raise some money for charity
  • Get your pets involved – the UK is a nation of animal lovers, and as a population we love our four-legged friends. Organised a charity event for those that want to spend time with their pets and raise money for a good cause
  • Do an extreme challenge – raise money for a charity while at the same time as achieving one of your life goals
  • Organise a school event – A great way to raise money and engage with your local community is to organise a charity event with your children’s school
  • Donate goods to sell. Donating the proceeds and items from a house clearance raises money for your chosen charity.


HELP The Mental Health Charity would like to thank everyone for their Fundraising Donations that help us support people suffering from mental health.

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